Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anh You Rock!!!!!!!

Just had my back follow up and have the all clear to train again WOOT!  ... finally can really get stuck into my 12wbt! Cheerin !!!

I am so happy my back is feeling great.  Even better than normal - which is a looooooong way better than how it was for the last two weeks!! 

A visit to Anh, a fair bit of different pain, a few swear words and the acute pain in my back was gone.  A week later (today) I went back for a “final fix” and got the all clear.  Trained tonight without any twinges or spasms !!!!!!

I would never have believed it could work so well, but became a convert when it first fixed my acute pain after many failed attempts at physio/chiro etc. Now am so glad to have been able to go straight there and get it fixed and not faff around with things that didn’t work ! 

It feels so good to have been able to train tonight !

Anh You Rock!!!!!!!

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