Friday, October 22, 2010

Recipe - Protein Drink

I loved the idea of a protien shake that is whole foods and free of artifical nasties.
This was my lunch on Sunday - I had just trained for three hours, and though I knew I needed to refuel to make it through the afternoon sessions, I didn't feel like I could eat a "solid" meal and train.  This worked a treat!  I loved it.  Though be warned I have an open minded palate - and even I thought it tasted unusual! Not bad at all, just unlike anything I have had before - GREEN berry taste ??
  • 1 cups low fat whole bean soy milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen berries (i <3 raspberries)
  • 1 tbl sp LSA
  • 1 tsp spirulina powder
  • 2 tsp honey
I suggest combining all ingredients aside from the frozen berries and blend.  Once the honey is blended you can add the berries and blend.  The coldness of the frozen berries is really refreshing! If you think it might be a bit too green, try halving the spirulina powder :)

Be warned - its green !!

| 156 Cal | 8.4 g Protein | 14.6 g Carb |

Fell across the line

Thank goodness today is my rest day.  6 days of hard training that started with a Mt Lofty climb and Austalia's Biggest Workout and I need a break.  I always think I won't need a day off, but they are soooo good :)  This one is somewhat enforced by having my back swollen and locked up after some pretty aggressive massage and accupuncture yesterday. Ow!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

12WBT Side Effects

This losing weight thing is catching up with me.  I hadn't really thought there'd been much change ... but there must be.  I had to buy new undies becaude my old ones were falling down.  Y'all needed to know that, right ?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Being the Best Version of Me

Thanks to Mish, this is a great surpise challenge!

I found making this fun and a what great reminder of my achievements in getting to the end of week three !

I can’t believe how many firsts I have managed to cram in!  There has been - boxing, PT, bikram yoga, rpm class, owning (and using!) scales, lunchtime walking, HRM, treadmill, crosstrainer, kettleball, and really really memorable - the Mount Lofty climb with my fellow SA 12WBTers!

Also included are some of my vege food experiments - all weighed and calorie counted of course !

Being the Best Version of Me !

Training with a view

I headed down to the beach today for my first Saturday PT session.  Wasn't quite sure what was in store, Ceds had been talking of "Resistance" and "Running"! I am wondering who needs F-words when you have those R-words !!

After some geographical embarrasment I made it only a squidgen late and so was straight into some boxing.  We had an odd number of peeps - so I got to double up my boxing reps - befitting of SSS I thought =)

The pic really doesn't show how outta breath and sweaty I got !

| 1:00:26 | Av HR 142 | Max HR 180 |

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anh You Rock!!!!!!!

Just had my back follow up and have the all clear to train again WOOT!  ... finally can really get stuck into my 12wbt! Cheerin !!!

I am so happy my back is feeling great.  Even better than normal - which is a looooooong way better than how it was for the last two weeks!! 

A visit to Anh, a fair bit of different pain, a few swear words and the acute pain in my back was gone.  A week later (today) I went back for a “final fix” and got the all clear.  Trained tonight without any twinges or spasms !!!!!!

I would never have believed it could work so well, but became a convert when it first fixed my acute pain after many failed attempts at physio/chiro etc. Now am so glad to have been able to go straight there and get it fixed and not faff around with things that didn’t work ! 

It feels so good to have been able to train tonight !

Anh You Rock!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Not just RPM babe, RPM MAX "

Despite my better judgement and doctor's orders I crawled out the door early to make the 8am RPM class at the uni gym.  G is a bouncing, bubbling ball of enthusiasm even at this early hour ... I'm just trying to cope with morning.

There's no traffic at this hour. and we arrive nearly 40 minutes before we had to be had to be there.  Did I mention its early ??  G strikes up a conversation with the all to chipper young guy at the front desk.  Gets the alumni discount for us old fogies.

I haven't been to the uni gym since I was a student, back then it was a musty, cramped, dark, outbuilding way out the back of the campus.  Things are looking different!  Now its big new and shiny, lots of light and space ... and air !  Fresh air !  Woot!

G makes a beeline through the weights room, past all the iron pumping short-short wearing jocks ( now that is just like I remember! ) to the RPM room.  Its packed with bikes.  No standing room even.  G sets up a bike for newbie me.  Explains how to stop it - ummm usually my problem is going, not stopping !  Ah, they have momentum in the fly wheel - ok, but still ...

Bike all ready, still time to kill - so I nominate to stretch my dodgy back.  Grab a mat and find a nice space in the corridoor.  Big window looking out to the trees - its almost relaxing ;)

When its time almost time to kick off I go back and introduce myself to the instructor.  G is off playing with a treadmill, so she checks my setup and gives me some advice.  Peeps start to filter in and G returns as well.  Everyone going through their own little habits - some warming up, others catching up on gossip, stretching.  No sure what to do I do a little pedalling, but feeling conspicuous and such newbie I just wish it would get underway.

And it does.  Clubby music out of place at that hour of the morning.  I switch off.  I pedal, i up the gear when I'm told - unless I am finding the current level really hard.  I am doing OK, puffing like mad, then we climb.  I cant do the standing for very long - I can't find my balance and the movement puts pressure on my sore back.  I do it for ten and sit. And it goes on. Eight tracks (i think), an hour anyway with my head down, keep pedalling hoping I'm doing OK.

We warm down, and i make a wobly dismount.  My pelvis(?) is seriously screaming at me.  I wipe down the bikes, G goes to change.  I stretch my back.

Walking out G is lookin at me funny.  Turns out he didn't think I'd make it through - that's why he wanted me to know how to stop the bike.  Well I said I would do RPM, and now I've done RPM ... "Not just RPM babe, RPM MAX "

| 1:02:01 | Av HR 150 | Max HR 176 |