Sunday, September 12, 2010

When one doesn't seem enough

A kilo.  When you have a lot to lose, its easy to think of a kilo loss as BFD.  I was that this morning, head in a bad space.

Its really weighing on my mind (no pun intended) how far I have to go.  And that even my big hairy 12 week goal of loosing 23kgs will only see me halfway to a healthy BMI.

Today I walked up to the shops, and carried back a 1kg pack of napisan.  You know what ... it was a pain, heavy enough to make the bag handles dig in.  Yep.  Guess what? Even a kilo less to lug around is a good thing :)


  1. Hi Leander,
    That 1kg is not BFD. It is the first kg of your journey to drop many more kgs... it is the first kg towards a healthier lifestyle... it is the first kg towards the person you wish to become.
    I understand your frustrations, but your final line is PERFECT! - "Even a kilo less to lug around is a good thing :)"

  2. So true! Its the little things that make the big difference!

  3. Absolutely. Think about a kilo of mince! Then swap that for - say - a pile of chicken skin/fat! When you think about it, losing a kilo is a Big Deal!

    When we've done long bike rides, and (way back in the dim dark past, canoe marathons) we only ever thought forward to the next checkpoint.

  4. You are all right, and that's the logical end to my post. Still don't know why I couldn't get into it on Sunday LOL
    Thanks for leaving comments, it so nice of u :)

  5. Now that is a great way to think of stuff, we forget how much one kilo actually is until you do something like that, hmm giving me something to think about, and possibly something to try to make it all make sense.
    Thank you light bulb moment!!!!!

  6. True! Great perspective!
    love your blog x