Saturday, September 11, 2010

Task 4: Gear Up!

Geek heaven.  Have in hand my new Polar FT 60 heart rate monitor !  Woot!

Thought I'd support a local bussiness, so I bought it from a up the road at the LSS (Local Sports Store), Fitness Warehouse.  I called them up after I had worked out what model I wanted and the manager was very helpful, and gave me his best price of $299.  Its not quite as cheap as I could have got it online but he also offered to get in the purple model I liked AND have it in my hand the next morning =)  Sold!

What happened when I went to pick it up was not so good.  The buffed up sales guy was sooooo rude.  Basically told me I'd wasted my money and it didn't matter what I bought I would never use it.  When I said "I picked the FT60 so I could add a GPS later  ... " , he muttered oh yeah thats wishful thinking,  "... so I could track my mountain bike rides" which is where he rolled his eyes.

Now I was so taken back I just wanted to walk out, but then I knew I wanted the HRM.  And I wanted to start using it !  Not getting it would have only set me back, so I bit my tongue, took my toy and walked out.  I didn't buy the hand weights I also needed at my LSS.

Tristian - you are the Friday F-Wit !!


  1. Oh, I am so sad and angry about this service. I am proud that you stood up and rose above this toxic-ness. His bad attitude will come back to bite him and should not be allowed to ruin your day. I have the same HRM and I luurrvvee it! I am glad you were able to stand strong and make sure you got what you wanted and needed! GO GIRL!!
    Look forward to sharing your 12WBT journey x

  2. I am still mad at this. What good does it do to put people down?

    But am glad I got what I wanted and will put it to good use this afternoon once the house work is done =) glad u to hear u <3 yours =D

    Me too! I hope we both smash our 12WBT goals :)

  3. My mouth is agape. You need to complain to the management of this place. That is disgusting. (I'm serious! - Recently (after I wrote a letter to the ed of local paper about being abused on the road when riding our tandem by these guys in a truck emblazoned with the name of a local solar hot water (etc) company) various people who own or manage businesses have told us that we absolutely should have rung up and complained to management- because owners and managers are desperate to know about stuff like that.

    So really, you should ring.

    Hope you enjoy your HRM. Eep, didn't realise they were that expensive!

  4. I'm with Tracey, you so need to complain to management, I personally would do it in person, face to face with the manager as then they can see that you are serious. Wow that is expensive, me thinks I need to have a dear long lost relative leave me some money in their will before I will be buying one, boo hoo

  5. yay on getting your HRM! I want one of those too.

    But OMG on the appalling lack of customer service. That is really disgraceful and I agree with the other comments, you should complain!

    BTW, I'm a new follower from 12wbt round 3 :)

  6. Leander... how is the HRM??
    The FT 60 in purple is EXACTLY what I want! But I am trying to justify the extra $$ (as compared to say a FT7)
    I need more info!!

  7. Hey Leander! I am with you! You should absolutely complain to management. That is disgusting. It makes me mad just reading about it. Gggrrrr.

    I have the FT60 in black and have been using it for over a year now. I love it!!! And I am 104kg so big fat raspberries to that *&@* Salesman!


  8. @everyone, thanks for the support. Makes a huge difference to have peeps saying its just not right (which i knew it wasn't). I will be writing to the business owner me thinks :)

    @S ... no complaints so far, but I haven't done much with the extra features yet - expect the bigger memory will help when I do multiple sessions - or am just plain disorganised *cringes after watching Task 7 video*

    @katrina and @tracey u can get a perfectly good polar for <150 that does cals & HR ... i'm just being a geek wanting more to play with ;)

    @Lan big fat raspberries made me smile :) :)

  9. Hey Leander - I just came late to this post but couldn't believe what I was reading! What a capital tool! He wouldn't have a job if it weren't for people like us - people that honestly want to improve their health and fitness (regardless of their size). As in his case, the exterior can be misleading. At least we don't have to be ashamed of what's inside - we can always lose weight!