Sunday, September 5, 2010

Task 3: Goal Setting

1 Month Goals
  1. Lose at least 5kg.
  2. Regain the strength in my leg
  3. Improve on my first fitness test results.
  4. Get back into the gym habit

How I Will Get There
  1. Follow the eating and exercise plan
  2. Get help from the exercise phys so there are no showstoppers from previous injury
  3. Commit to going to a Pump class (the class that gets me hooked) at least once a week


  1. These look like good realistic goals Leander! I'm hanging out to go to a boxing class tomorrow night! That will probably be my drug of choice!!! I read somewhere do whatever it takes to keep the excitement because that will give you momentum and you want to have momentum! I didn't find my momentum in Round 2 until week 11. I am hitting the ground running for Round 3!!!

  2. Thanks Lan, I've been a bit unsure about goal setting ... what to aim for and what is realistic. I did write down the 3, 6, and 12 month ones as well - but giving them a bit more thought as they seem a bit haphazard.

    It seems to me so many people have running goals ... and that's about the only thing that fills me with dread !! In fact, it was the only thing on the no side of the "should I do the 12wbt?" ledger!

    I think boxing would be cool, though I have never tried. One of my goals is to get back into karate =)