Monday, September 6, 2010

Move more !

So today I wasn't feeling well.  It could have easily been an excuse not to start the next part of my pre-season.  Instead I decided to go for a walk, and get some much needed vitamin D.

I pulled on my very un-loved joggers and set off for the local library.  It was a gorgeous day and it was great to explore the new neighbourhood.  Before I knew it I was home again, and had clocked up 3.2 kilometers.  No distance or land speed record - BUT I didn't just hop in the car, which would have been so easy to do :)

My plan is to do something to get moving every day from now until kick off.  No excuses.


  1. No more excuses is my new catchcry too! It took me 11 weeks of Round 2 to get there though. You are off to a brilliant start!

    Well done ;)

  2. Yey! I reckon it's the little changes that count the most. That one little change in attitude can change the rest of your life!

  3. Good thinking! This is exactly the mindset I need to adopt too.

  4. move, move, move .... makin it a mantra =)