Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Keeping score

I have some good food habits, (oi! I can hear you laughing!) I do! I eat good food - lots of veg and plenty of pulses and good dairy calcium, I just eat too much of it ! My other downfall is cheese … I really I love cheese! Its my big weakness *sigh*

So back to the eating too much, I thought as part of my pre-season I'd start to keep tabs on what I eat. Late one evenening I was doing a bit of blog surfing that had started with fellow 12WBTers blogs and ended up somewhere out in the nether reaches of the ether. I ended up at ... and in my pixel fatigue I signed on up. It’s a bit off-putting that the site insists on your specs and wants to your exercise goals before you get to do anything … so a few guestimates later (this is in the time before scales) and I was underway. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food database included the brands that I tend to eat (in fact the Trident Thai soup I had just had for dinner was the first thing I tested !) … so there must be other Aussies using the site regularly. So for a week now I have been punching the numbers … and the results are quite surprising. Even though I haven't made any drastic changes. But must confess that having to record how much all the ingredients weigh so that I can record calories made me very aware of how much I have been eating! This has considerable effect when it comes to thinking about how much to prepare - my portions have been measured out for a single meal - not even a chance of an extra spoonful on the plate or a second helping because its so yummy !!


  1. Have you had a look at Calorie King?? I live on it!! So easy to keep track of those pesky Calories.......easy to check BEFORE you eat too....great for planning.

  2. I only found calorie king after myfitnesspal. Have used it to look up a few generic things - like frash tofu - which don't come with nutrition labels !?