Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Dodgy Back Strikes Again

I've hurt my back, and its not looking good.  Can't stand, can't sit, can't sleep.

As background, I had a really bad back injury in a car accident over 10 years ago.  When it happened my doctor said there was nothing more to fix it, and I should get used to the fact it would never be right.  I used to wake up in tears in the middle of the night,  I'd work kneeling on the floor because sitting was too painful.  After while it calmed down, but it didn't take much to aggrevate the injury.  

Some time later I was working in cubicleland Sydney.  I rocked up to work one day with a obvious crick in my neck, ouch!  The girl I was working with recommended I go see her mother's physio because he was really good.  Not something I would normally do (read never done before).  Before I knew it, she rang her mum, her mum rang the physio, and I had an appointment - how could I not go?  Of course, by the time I get in to see him my neck is pretty much OK! The physio asks if there are any other problems he can help with.  I say something along the lines of well there is my back, but I've been told it can't be fixed.

Well his eyes light up and he literally rubbed his hands together ! "Oh, a challenge! Let me see it!"  Over a couple of weeks he tried massage, heat, cupping, my back was proving very resistant to help.  Then he snuck up with accupuncture needles.  Literally!  They were in me before I had time to think about it.  My back was so tight the physio couldn't get the needles into some spots at all!  

I walked outta there, well, bouncing.  I walked the 30 minutes back to the office because it felt sooooo good! I couldn't believe it!

Years later the injury is still there but not often painful.  Every now and then I do something and set it off.  Of course this happens Week 2, 12WBT!?  Cannot walk, stand, sit, or lie down without agony.Argh!!!

This time, whispers from a few people at work - there is an awesome accupuncturist - Anh.  I make an appointment - the first available is in a week - that's a good sign, right?  I can't train, I can hardly move.  Its depressing.  I feel like this could be the end of my 12WBT.  Finished before I had a chance to really get into it.

All my hopes hang on the appointment working ...

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