Sunday, August 29, 2010

Accountability ...

I have a confession ... I have never owned a set of scales.

Well, until today.  And whats more I've used them!  Both me and the cat had a mini weigh in today.  He's doing great, lost all the extra weight he gained staying with my parents last month.  Hmmm ... wish I could say the same for myself.  I've been carrying it around for the last 20 years!!!  Wow, that's a sobering thought.  Really scary to think you are carrying around those ice coffee milks and coke that were so much a part of teenage life.  Those $2 chips with my best mate after school seen in a whole new light ... they could well still be with me ... eeeeek!

The good news is it is not as bad as I thought it might be.  And I have worked out I can hit my goal for the 12WBT, it will be a stretch and I will have to throw everything at it, but it is possible!!!  Part of me was scared that even if I worked really hard and achieved great results I would still be way short of my personal goal.

So now, to my surprise I am looking at the scales as my ally in this quest.  A way to know I am achieving results.  Bring it on !!!


  1. howdy! Got you bookmarked to read all about your 12wbt as it unravels!

    Let's do this together!

    (Kylie_op69 on the forums!)

  2. Well done on buying the scales. I am too scared to get on mine. Might save it for another week or so as I have started exercising a bit more so they may not be as bad if I wait another week!!

  3. Hi guys, thanks for leaving comments. Its kinda cool to know i'm not talking to myself ;)

    The scales are not something I wanted to think too much about ... I just put it on my to do list and went and did it before I had a chance to worry !!

  4. lol@keeping your ice coffees with you. I think i have some ogalo on my belly!! That is a scary thought!!

  5. hehe ... it kinda freaky to think, eh !